Sunday, February 20, 2011


Funny how we begin a sermon series at church about James, and suddenly life hands you a full deck of trials.

I started getting sick Wednesday night. Just achy and blah. Thursday, due to said blahness, I locked my keys in my car at work, but didn't realize it until the day was over. Thankfully two co-workers who live near me were both in the parking lot still, so I was able to get a ride home. On the way home, my babysitter calls and Ethan is having some issues. I called the doctor, but it was too late in the day to get him in. My co-worker dropped me at my babysitter's house, where Brad picked all of us up. We went home to find NO spare car key for my car. :( So while Brad took Ethan to the clinic, my cousin (thank goodness she was home) took Addie and I back to my school to meet the locksmith. We were all glad to see the bed after that crazy night.

Friday proved to move Ethan and I deeper into illness. It's so hard being the mom at times like this! I'm pretty sure I had a fever when I took him to the pediatrician, and I was miserable, but God got us through!

We've just been chilling out all weekend trying to get better. I finally got medicine today. And I am so thankful for the day off tomorrow. Brad has been AMAZING taking care of everyone! Addie has been able to stay healthy so far - and she got to spends LOTS of time with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend.

Which brings me to my next bummer: my uncle and cousin were in this weekend from out of state to visit with my dad. They are some of my closest family members and I cherish every moment with them. But, I didn't get to spend any time with them. :( It's been so hard having to stay away from Mom and Dad's house, but at least they all had some good quality time together this weekend.

Here's to a better week.

Be blessed.


Jess said...

What a time you had. So sorry to hear of all the sickness! We are counting down the days to get to see you all!!!

Jessica said...

I've been keeping up with your mom's blog and saw the past few days have been very rough. I'm praying for you and your family.
Love you,