Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Summer updates

Summer far......

Ethan is:
*on his own time (like at swim lessons where he won't get in the water until he's ready....then when he gets in and our teacher tries to help him, he gets right back out...can we say "I'll do it my way"?!)
*POTTY-TRAINED! (we fully expected this little adventure to last the whole summer....but it took only a few days - see * #1)
*playing T-ball (or at least "learning" T-ball fundamentals - or at least attending T-ball fundamentals) :)

Addison is:
*now FIVE (5) - holy moly - she partied it up for at least a week ("since I'm the birthday girl...")
*loving everything girly and pink
*so excited about kindergarten (except that she told me she didn't want to go to K when she found out she had to get FOUR shots)
*enjoying swim lessons (although she does NOT want to put her face in the water)

We are working on some landscaping projects. And now that we actually have time to work on it, of course it is in the 90s and no rain in sight.

Tomorrow we will enjoy the zoo with some friends. And we've been enjoying "Yo Yo's" lots! (the new frozen yogurt place close yummy!)

Enjoy your own moments!