Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy March!

Normally, just saying "it's March" would be exciting...spring is just around the corner. Normally, we don't have a winter storm every other day through February and the first week of March. Oh well, hopefully spring will arrive soon. I need to get these windows opened up and get some fresh air in the house!

OK, so faithful readers, thanks for checking back. We are still here. I was recently inspired to update this blog by my dear friends who take the time to update theirs all the time. But no promises on how great of an update it will be.

Ethan is now 5 months old!! Woah! Time flies when you're having fun! :) Here's the good ol' monthly teddy bear picture. What a cute little man he is! Or should I say what a big little man he is! :) A little top heavy, I must say. All he has to do is tilt his head just a little bit while laying on his stomach and over he rolls. Too funny.
So now he's supposed to be eating cereal in addition to his formula. Um, is there a magic trick to getting a boy, who obviously loves to eat, to enjoy his cereal? Maybe he just needs more time, but let me tell ya, it is a chore! I remember Addie took a little while to get used to the whole cereal thing, but then she had no problem eating her little bowl of cereal and then partaking of her beverage. Ethan, on the other hand, will eat the cereal, but only if he has his bottle right there to drink in between bites. He flips out when you put him in the highchair (and it's even reclined and has the tray removed), arches his back so much that he could flip right out of the chair, and cries until he gets his bottle. And he won't even let the cereal go past his lips if he doesn't have the bottle in sight. Have we created a monster? Or should I just give him time? Seriously taking suggestions on this one!

Last month we enjoyed a visit to my brother's house to meet the newest member of the family, Ava. She is sooooo precious! I just love her and can't wait to hold her again. She is incredibly petite, something we're not so much familiar with around here. :) And the great news is that my brother took a new job and now we will only have to travel 2.5 hours to see them instead of 6 (and vice versa, bub!). Yippee!! So here are the 3 cousins (and no, that's not trick photography, it really is the size difference between the 3...Addie 20 months, Ava 2 months, Ethan 4 months).

And since Ethan got his very own picture at the beginning, Addie has to have one, too! :) She is such a cheeser!!! I took this picture when I got out the camera to capture Ethan and she looked at me and said, "cheese." How could I resist?
Now, she may be cute, but it's not all fun and games. She is definitely experiencing some of that "terrible 2" stuff. Crazy tantrums for no good reason and all that jazz. But, we work through them (or more importantly, she works through them as we carry on with life). :) We do have lots of fun, though. Addie makes us laugh a lot! She says and does the most hilarious things. Not so hilarious this morning when everything was "I don't want it." We think it is so cute when she says something and then says, "ok. cool." :)

The kids are just great. I take them with me when I go work out, and there's a childcare room where they watch the kids while you work out. Great for me, great for the kids, great for everyone. The ladies that work in the room are fabulous and love our kids. They get so excited when Addie and Ethan show up. Another little girl told her mom that she was going to the gym to see her friend Ethan who's a baby. Guess she likes Ethan! :)

Maybe I'll post again before another month passes by. Until then, give thanks to God for everything you have and for everyone in your life!