Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gloomy day outside...

...makes cranky kids inside. :)

It has been one thing after another around here, so I thought I'd take a minute to update you all.

Addie developed a fever on Friday, woke up Saturday and was a little better, then suddenly Saturday afternoon her fever spiked. We were able to see a doctor on Sunday to find out that she had a double ear infection. So, she's taking a prescription and starting to feel better. But she's still a little fussy.

Ethan still has his cord. He is seven weeks old. This is abnormal. We saw the doctor on Monday for him and now have an appointment with a pediatric surgeon next Tuesday. Pray for the poor little guy. I'm sure everything's fine, but we need to have it all checked out.

Now the kiddos are waking up from naps and Ethan needs to eat and Addie wants "up" so it's time to go. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Do I have to have a title?

So much has been happening, and I always think to myself, "self, this would be something good to blog about." And then I don't have any time on the computer where a little someone isn't trying to press all the buttons or turn the computer off or...

About Addie...she is getting huge. OK, huge because we have a one month old to compare to. She picks up new words daily. This morning she decided to give "cloud" a try. Pretty cute. She says "eat" when she's ready to eat (or when there's a picture of food in a book or magazine or on TV) and "bite" when she wants more (which is all the time--she seriously does not have an off button on eating, so we have to cut her off, which results in more tears, but we deal). Yesterday she threw a book at Ethan - oops on her part - and then gave me that devilish I'm-too-cute-to-do-wrong look when I yelled no and took the book away. It hit Ethan on the head and he screamed. I think she's in for it when the boy gets a little older.

Addison loves to play with her shoes. She will sit in her room and play with her shoes (and empty her clothes out of the drawer) for, no kidding, 30 minutes. Another sign she's growing up. :) She doesn't say her S's - ever. So she wears an "ock" and "ooe" on her foot, wants her "packi" when she's tired, asks to go "uppee day-dah" (upsy daisy), and watches "Elmo and Ocar." I think here's another word she forgets the s, but I can't think of it right now. She's fascinated with herself and says "Addie" when she looks in the mirror or sees a picture of herself or when she hides behind the shower curtain and pops out. So cute. Goodness, I could probably go on and on about her and all that she does, but I guess I'll save something for next time I blog. ;)

About Ethan...he, too, is growing. Holy cow...the boy started out big and hasn't stopped. He is about ready to pop out of the feet of all his sleepers - that is, if he can stay in a sleeper outfit long enough without spitting up all over it or peeing through. Ah, the joys of infanthood. I had to change his sheet around 2 or 3 a.m. twice this week due to said peeing through. But he is oh so cute and absolutely precious. A momma's boy already (and as I told mom-in-law, Addie is a daddy's girl, so it's all good). Oh, and I almost forgot...little man's cord is still attached! 5 weeks into life and it's hanging on for dear life. The doctor is not worried as there are no signs of infection. If it's still on at 6 weeks, she will take a look and make sure all is well. I'm sure I will be letting everyone know when it finally falls off.

About Brad...well, nothing new. Still having a crazy, busy school year. He is such a great dad...and husband. He had to work extra late last night for P/T conferences, so I took the kids to my parents'. Grandma and Grandpa never pass up an opportunity to see the little ones! Anyhow, he got home before we did and I noticed that he washed bottles and sippy cups and a couple other odd jobs that needed taken care of for the kids.

About me...I'm just trying to catch sleep and a shower when I can. :) We're getting in a little more of a routine, so that's helping. I know the routine constantly changes, especially as Ethan grows and his feeding schedule changes and such. They started a mom's group at church, which will really get going in January, but we had sort of a kick-off introduction thing this week. Anyhow, it was a very encouraging time. It was just a bunch of moms, together without kids and husbands, being fed spiritually (and physically--great desserts!). We had a time of devotion, a speaker, some games, and good conversation. It was neat to be with other women who are at the same point in life, and some who have grown kids but are serving as mentors. So I'm excited about that. And last weekend I had a ladies night out while Brad enjoyed guys night (okay, I don't know if he really enjoyed freezing his buns off at a football game) and the kids enjoyed time with Grandma and Grandpa. The ladies and I had a great dinner, raced go-carts on an indoor track, and ended up at a coffee shop laughing hysterically while enjoying yummy drinks. It was a great evening, though I about feel asleep at the coffee shop (after laughing so hard I was crying). Thanks, ladies, for your time...I appreciated it! (and to my friends who couldn't make it, we'll do it again soon!!)

Thanks for reading. Love to all! :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

One month down

A full month has passed since Ethan came into the world. It's been an interesting time of learning and growing and adjusting.

So a typical day includes getting up to feed Ethan, finally putting him back down to get up again to feed Ethan, putting him in the bouncy seat to get Addison out of bed, getting her changed and dressed and hopefully fed breakfast before Ethan goes too crazy, hopefully getting a quick breakfast myself, change a diaper or two or five...and suddenly it's lunch time (for someone, anyhow)...then I look and notice it has been a while and baby girl is walking around with quite a large diaper which means she needs changed again before she pees through her pants (which, admittedly, has happened a few times since Ethan came home because we sometimes forget that she doesn't tell us when her diaper is full)...if it's a good day, I can get both kids to nap at the same time and then I can get a nap,too!...and then Brad comes home and before you know it, it's time for bed and we do it all over again.

thanks for putting up with the run-on sentence! :)

Ethan is crying...time to eat again...I'll leave you with a few pictures...