Friday, October 10, 2008

Ethan turns one!

I'm smiling so big looking at these pictures. Our precious little boy is so adorable. And he was sooo fun to watch eating his "pupcake" (addie's term). Addie just picked at hers last year, but Ethan dove into his. So fun.
The first picture was the infamous teddy bear picture. Last one. I only did them for the first year for each child. I didn't think we'd make it through this one. He's only laughing because he kept trying to climb off the couch, so I would all but throw him in the corner spot, snap the picture, and catch him before he fell off the couch. All in the name of a good picture. And I was determined to do the picture at that moment because he was so happy having just gotten up from a long nap. But no one else was home to help me. But alas...tmi.
I'm tired.
Brad is supervising a football game tonight. I took the kids over to his school for a while after dinner so we could see everyone and get some nice fresh air. I was trying to get Addie to say "go, _____" (their mascot), but when I said "go..." she said, "Irish!" :) Beth, our babsitter and her husband are huge ND fans. Guess they've been working on cheers during circle time?! :)
Seriously no energy to write. So, that's it for now. At least you got pictures of the cutest little 1-yr-old in the world! :)

Sunday, October 05, 2008


On the way to the store today, Addie playing: "This little piggy went to Walmart..."

Maybe we go to walmart a bit too often?! :)

Hope to post more soon. Ethan's birthday party was so fun and he was hilarious. Loved his cake and his hand-crocheted (sp?) baseball from my aunt and his wooden firetruck (homemade with great love from his "GGpa"). Pics soon, I hope.

Love to all! Go with God!