Friday, January 25, 2008

The past month

My apologies for not blogging at all for the past month (or so). It's just not easy finding time to get on the computer and accomplish something other than checking email. Unless it's 10:07 p.m. and Daddy took over baby Ethan duty so I could do my own thing. :)

I love my kids!!! How cute are they?! Very! As you can see, Ethan is getting good at picking his head up during tummy time. It always helps to have your own personal cheerleader! Addie loves her little brother. She gives him kisses and hugs all the time. If he has drool rolling out of his mouth, she grabs a burp rag and wipes his mouth. She sits down on or beside me and says, "hold baby." And when she's done holding baby, she simply gets up thereby sending baby rolling (don't worry, I'm the backup holder). And when she wants your undivided attention, she simply says "bouncy seat." as in, put baby in the bouncy seat, please, so you can play with me and only me. I love my kids!!!

Christmas was fun. And busy. And our house is still a mess due to all the new stuff we (and by we I mean the kids) got. I just love the above picture. I think Addie looks so big-girlish. She was so funny opening gifts. She would take one piece of wrapping paper off at a time and say "yeah" after each piece. She loves all of her new things. And the kids look great in their new clothes. Addie is growing so fast, we're going to need Christmas to come again in a month! :) Ethan slept on the couch Christmas day while everyone opened gifts. In fact, I think he slept during almost every Christmas gathering.

The cutest little boy in the whole wide world. That's our Ethan!! We took him in for one last checkup on his belly button since there's still a small round dot in the middle of it. Doc said it's just a little scar from his umbilical cord that, let me remind you, took 10.75 weeks to fall off. Praise the Lord!! Ethan is just doing so well! I love getting past the 3 month mark because they really start taking on more personality.

No promises on how often this will be updated. I am now taking graduate classes to get my Masters degree in school counseling. Yeah! But please keep checking as I hope to give you at least occasional updates on our family! Love to all!!