Friday, January 16, 2009

The deep freeze

My camera is sitting here waiting to be plugged in so the completely full memory card can be downloaded. Sorry, once again, no pictures. Apparently I've chosen to spend my time reading other blogs than downloading pictures. Oops. :)

I'm just rejoicing in the new additions to a few of my friends. So exciting for them!

Ethan is finally walking. Just tonight he's decided to do it more often than crawling. Maybe we can finally move him up to the toddler nursery on Sunday. He might like it better in there?! (he begins getting upset when we open the church soon as we walk through the Kid City doors, he starts crying...he does eventually settle down after we drop him off, but we always sit near the back in case our number comes up on the screen to go get him.)

He is a funny kid. Very clingy, especially with his momma, but it's all good. He makes funny faces and loves to giggle. He is getting irritated at his sister because she knows how to push his buttons. (and this is only the beginning...)

Addison is getting more and more ornary. She's really maturing these days and just seems to know "stuff." It's crazy. For instance, the other night I was trying to get her jammies on her. She would not cooperate with me whatsoever. I was trying so hard to remain calm and enjoy her sense of humor. I was trying to get her to stand so I could zip her jammies up. She was trying to lay down. So she made her whole body limp and was pushing against me trying to stand her up. Then she started giggling. When she proclaimed, "yee-haw" I lost it. Totally had to laugh at that point. Even now I'm laughing just thinking about it.

Some random Addie facts: she loves sandwiches, she sleeps in a "big girl bed" now (really a day-bed because she has a convertible crib), and she actually went pee in the potty last night (okay, so not at all today, but we'll take baby steps!).

I just realized my post title has nothing to do with my post, but you can deal! :) Just know that it's incredibly cold!! :)