Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas time updates

If there is anyone out there still checking our blog, here is a new post just for you! :)

*We have been spoiled with presents. And we still have one more day of Christmas gatherings tomorrow. I already filled 3 bags with some "outgoing" toys in order to make room for the new stuff (just don't tell the kids). :)

*Christmas has been great. We've had some fabulous family time with people from both sides of the family. It's been wonderful. My brother, sis-in-law, and adorable niece were here for 3 days so we spent tons of time with them. Addie just loves her cousin. She gives Ava hugs all the time and is very motherly with her (though she is only 18 months older).

*Ethan is still not walking. The most steps he's taken in a row by himself is 3. But he'll get there. He is just in no rush. He'd rather climb and roll and crawl. He has a very fun-loving personality. And he loves to eat.

*Addison is maturing more every day. She talks so well. We just switched our TV and internet provider today and she was playing the xylophone for and telling stories to our technician. So cute. She's very meticulous and stubborn, but oh so cute and sweet. And she gives the best hugs!

*We are excited to be on break for a while. I definitely needed a rejuvenating period to prepare for the long haul before spring break. Brad is enjoying our new TV with tons of stations and movies to watch! He's been going crazy as we haven't watched many movies since the kids were born.

*One of my dearest friends, Jenn, is leaving for an 11-month mission trip next week. We were able to get all of us together last weekend and it was only when she was ready to walk out the door that we both realized this would probably be the last time we saw each other for almost a year. As hard as it was to say goodbye for now, I must say that I know without a doubt that she is following God's will, and I so respect her for that. I ask for your prayers for Jenn as she embarks on this journey, trusting fully in the Lord for provision and guidance. She is an amazing woman. Jenn, if you read this, I love you!!

Thanks for reading. God Bless!!