Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So it's been a while

I suppose the first thing I should do is officially announce that Addie is going to be a big sister! Most of you already know, and my apologies to those who didn't know and are now wondering why they didn't know. This time around is so different because we are raising a baby, and then find out we're expecting another! So, quite honestly, sometimes we're like "oh yeah, we're pregnant." Now, don't get the wrong idea. We are definitely excited and looking forward to the crazy days ahead! God put us on the fast track, but we're ready and willing! :)

Some info---due date: October 11thish---gender: don't know and not finding out (not knowing with Addie was so fun!)---my status next year: I got another year off of school with a job to go back to the following school year!! That way Addison will be 2 and babyR2 will be 10 months. ---how am I feeling: pretty good...the fresh air is helping, along with my mother's cooking! I have an aversion to chicken and to broccoli. Huge mental block to eating those two food items.---We will keep you all posted. Oh, and any help you want to give come October will be appreciated! Anyone want to change diapers?! :)

Now more about baby girl...

Addison is officially cruising (walking holding on to things for those who don't know the baby lingo). She's been working on it, then yesterday decided she was bored with crawling so she made her way over the coffee table, pulled herself up, and walked around and around and back and forth. So cute! Today she's been pulling herself up on everything she can get her hands on. Including the cupboard doors which have only a little tiny knob and tend to open when pulled on. Ah...the fun is just beginning! :) She keeps us on our toes!

Two new teeth are popping through on top. This just makes 4 total, but I'm sure her mouth will be full before I know it!

Brad is trying to finish up his school year...he can't believe there's one month left, and it's a busy one! And Addie and I are enjoying the beautiful weather!

Take care, everyone! Thanks for reading!