Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I wonder

I remember reading a few articles in which family members who had lost a loved one said how they felt about not having that person around anymore. And I wondered "what will that feel like?" I remember one quote: "I think of my dad every day."

How true.

I do think of my dad. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes it is with tears and a deep longing for him to come walking through the door and grabbing the kids for a big hug. Sometimes it is with laughter as I picture him laughing at something we've said or done (last night I literally giggled out loud because I could just see Dad laughing at something Brad had done earlier in the evening). Sometimes it is with pride as I imagine what his reaction would be to an accomplishment achieved by one of his precious family members.

Mostly I just miss him. But I am forever thankful that what I have to fill that void is a vast array of amazing memories and nothing but a blessed full life.