Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yes, emphasis on the "t." Addie decided to say this very emphatically (big word, I know) today when we suggested (okay, warned) that it was almost nap time. One of those things that makes you crack up but we know deep down inside we really shouldn't laugh at. Ah, life with a toddler.

Ethan is currently crawling all over the floor...very much enjoying playing with everything and not worrying about big sis coming to take it away (or shove something else in his face). (she's taking a nap!) He is just sooo cute to watch play and crawl and everything else.

Addie really is good with him. She'd carry him around if we let her (and if he wasn't less than 10 lbs lighter than her!). His dr. appt is next week, so we'll let you know how much they officially differ in weight.

Our number was posted on the screen at church today--which meant we had a child who needed us. Argh. Ethan was not happy when we left him in the nursery today so my bets were on him. Addie is usually fine. She'll go right into class with no prob. Thankfully, by the time I got to the nursery they met me at the door and said he was fine. He cried for 15-20 minutes straight, and by the time they got my number on the screen, he finally calmed down. So, I'm super thankful for nursery workers who listen to babies cry ALL morning.

Oh, and this is the interesting lesson from church today: the difference between explanation and excuse is whether or not I am taking responsibility. Interesting, right?! Ex = out. Plane = smooth. So explain is smoothing things out. Cuse = latin for cause. So excuse is removing yourself from the cause. Profound, I thought. Great explanation in my opinion.

Thanks for listening. :)

I forgot to mention last time about some of the things we get to hear. 1)Addie says "what am I doing?" Usually she's doing something crazy like spinning around and around or jumping like a madwoman or running around the table or some other wildness and she'll just blurt out "what am i doing?!" Too funny. 2) She likes to ask "Hey so-and-so, what are you doing?" My brother was a huge fan of this (total sarcasm intended). When we went down to visit a couple of weeks ago, she would ask my brother, "hey uncle bj, what are you doing?" Naturally, he was doing the same thing he was doing 2 minutes ago when she asked and will be doing the same thing every 2 minutes for the next hour that she asks. :) He finally said, "Addison, look what's in my hand. It's a paint brush. That means I'm painting." A: "uncle bj, what are you doing?" B: "Addison, what's in my hand? What does that mean?" A: "uncle bj...." and so on. Cracked me up. Baby Ava is only 6 months old, so he'll have his turn coming! :)

Gotta go.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And so we have a 2-year-old

Yep, made the cake myself. :) I tried not to be too anal about the m&m 2, so I didn't follow a pattern, but did try to make sure the same color wasn't right next to itself. :) Addie liked it. She asked for a "2 cake" and that is what she got! :)
When asked to say cheese while enjoying her cake and ice cream, above is the face we got. Too funny. She really loved it. Wanted more, but she seriously ate so much food this weekend, we had to cut her off.
And Ethan is 8 months old. He just started crawling this week. He's adorable. So cautious with every "step." And so determined when he spots something he wants (usually something of Addie's).
We are just having so much fun with our two children. Yes, there are times we want to pull our hair out (okay, I want to pull my hair out, Brad doesn't so much have to worry about that!). But they are soooooo adorable and funny. The above picture has actually taken place a few times now. I am enjoying it while I can. Addie loves to read, Ethan loves Addie, Addie loves Ethan. It's a nice set up.
So then we tried to the rocking horse (handmade my "ggpa" last year!). Neither of them were too sure about being on together. But we got a good laugh out of it.

OK, so this was my speed blogging. You got the basics and that's all I can do right now.