Friday, September 26, 2008

A day off

No, not for fun. I took the day off to spend with Ethan, who had a fever and wasn't allowed to go to daycare, and needed his Mommy. Daddy was the father of the year who picked Ethan up from Beth's yesterday morning because he had a fever, took the rest of the day off to be with him, and even took him in to the doctor to make sure he didn't have his 3rd ear infection in just over a month. Thankfully, this one is just a cold, but this is round 3 of sickness since school started. He is really breaking in the new germs. ugh.

On a positive note...Ethan is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in a week! Woah! Cannot even believe it's been a year. He is so cute and precious. Much quieter that his sister and much more calm than she ever has been. He prefers to sleep a lot. Her, not so much. But anyhow...

It's been so crazy busy trying to fit everything in. But I highly value quality time with my kids, so I place much more importance on fitting that in than some of the other things that may need done (like, say, cleaning the bath tubs). :) No, really, we're trying to enjoy our evenings as much as possible. The weather has been so great. Wonderful for evening walks. And playing outside. Some of my boys at school had a football game this week that happened to be about 5 minutes from our house. So we took the kids over and watched the first half of their game. Both kids liked it. Although one half was good enough, Ethan was more than ready to hit the sack when we got home.

Wanted to put some updated pictures on here for all to enjoy. God Bless and SMILE! :)

We bought a new 9 cube shelving unit to help organize our mountains of toys and books. Addie and Ethan decided it would be fun to help Daddy put it together. Daddy decided to show Addie how to use power tools. :)

Addison went with me and we both got hair cuts a couple of weeks ago. Addie got at least 2 inches cut off (and I actually think she needs a pinch more already trimmed off). She does a great job of letting Rachel cut her hair. Rachel was more than happy to pose for a picture and even said it was okay to be on the blog, but Addie wouldn't take a decent picture whenever Rachel leaned over to be in it. So, you'll have to settle for Rachel's arm. Addie has very fine, thin hair. I'm not used to that because I have always had very thick hair. So if you have any tips and tricks for fine little girl hair, please share.

Addie loves to make Daddy go down her slide. What a great papa he is! :)

It's rare to get a crawling pose with no paci in mouth, so enjoy this shot:

Ethan finally decided he could crawl off the blanket, through the grass, and over to the slide to see what Sister is up to. They had a blast together. I'm always amazed at how the 2-yr-old mind works. So creative.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Little update

Not a whole lot to say, just thought my few faithful readers might want to see something new on the blog. :)

Everything's going well for us. The kids love going to Beth's. She loves them. We love her. It's a really good set up. And Addie is already learning so much (including how to be more whiney, but I don't know if I should blame that on daycare or the "terrible twos"). She does a great somersault now (and to think we were going to pay for gymnastics...ha!), sings a fabulous rendition of the ABC's, made binoculars and can actually say the word pretty well and knows what to do with them, and the list goes on. :)

Ethan just turned 11 months old. Holy cow! I tried taking his 11-month teddy bear picture yesterday. Um, not so much. I got two pictures, but I think one is blurry because the boy just kept trying to climb off the couch. Brad tried his best to get him to stay without Brad being in the picture, but it was hard. Addie used to pose for these pictures, Ethan tries to run. One more example of "no two kids are alike." He is getting more and more adventurous. He loves to crawl around and explore and climb on and over everything. He pulls up to things, but has no interest in cruising or even walking. But I'm not worried. he's so cute! He is complimented constantly by Beth and her husband about how sweet he is. Let's hope he stays a sweetie! :)

Brad loves his new job. And I love his new job because he actually gets out of the office at a decent time. (thank you brad's co-workers for being good examples!) :)

I finally know pretty much every student's name. Although there are 2 or 3 girls that I look at and want to call on when they are volunteering, then I have to call on someone else because I can't think of their name. argh. I'm learning lots about my students, which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. We learned yesterday from one of our boys that he struggles sometimes in school basically because he's hungry. Not much food at home due to lack of money. I was in tears after hearing him talk and knowing that this was his reality. So sad.

Next time you think about it, pray for those less fortunate than you. And maybe even find a way to help someone out.

Thanks for reading. :)