Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

It's a dreary day. Yesterday was so beautiful, it's disappointing to have to turn lights on when it's 10a.m. Oh well, I suppose rain is a necessity. It's supposed to start warming up by the end of this week, so I am super excited about that! Addie and I enjoyed two days of long walks outside last week when we had unseasonably warm days. Then we went back to winter coats after that.

Addison had her nine month check up last week. Doctor gave her a "P" for PERFECT! :) Like we had any doubts?! :) She is still in the 90th percentile on length (28.5 inches) and 75th percentile on weight (20 lbs)...where she's pretty much been since birth. Don't know where she gets her length. She's healthy and beautiful and is just growing so well. So, Praise the Lord!

She continues to make us smile every day. Actually, she makes us laugh hysterically most days. For instance, yesterday morning she hadn't made a single peep, so we thought she was still asleep. I figured before I went to get my breakfast I would just peek around the corner and see how she was. I busted up laughing and ran to get Brad, who in turn saw her and started laughing. She was sitting in the back corner of her crib, sucking on her paci, just looking around so calmly, like she was waiting for the train to come. It was the funniest thing. She was so calm I thought maybe she was sleeping with her eyes open.

Anyhow...yesterday was a great day. My mom and Brad helped out with Addie all day, Mom made us some great lunch, and I got to take a nice Sunday afternoon nap. (it was my birthday, so I was spoiled) Anyway, thanks Brad and Mom for being so awesome!!! (and thanks to all the other special people in my life who sent cards, text messages, and phone calls)

Yesterday's church service brought tears to my eyes. I'm just such a girl on the emotional side. But anyhow...we are doing a sermon series on Jonah (ya know, the guy who was swallowed by the big fish and spent three days in the belly of the fish before being "vomited" back on to land). Well, anyhow, our pastor had a father and son share their life stories. Brad and I know the son and his wife from teaching the little kids at church, so it just made their story even more meaningful. They shared their struggles, their downward spirals brought on by substance abuse, and their turning points where by God's grace and forgiveness they were made new again. It was amazing to hear, and it made me realize how much more there is to people's lives than we may ever know. You might know someone on the surface, and even be confused or frustrated by their actions and behavior, but you may not know what that person has been through or is going through.

Following yesterday's sermon, I just want to say that if you are struggling or have struggled with something, know that God is a God of second chances. He can make you whole again!

Thanks for listening...Have a great week as spring officially arrives! :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The news you've all been waiting for

Drumroll please....

Addison is officially crawling! Some of you probably already know this because it's been almost a full week since forward movement began, but I'm just now getting around to using the computer. She's so fun to a little bug. She's still a little unsure and hesitant, and most of the time needs to be highly motivated to crawl towards something (nope, mommy and daddy aren't motivation enough, she likes to go after cell phones and remote controls). I'll try to snap a picture soon and post it on here. Oh, and she is on all fours, no belly crawling for this girl.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine (if you have the beautiful sunshine we have today).