Friday, October 27, 2006

I can't think of a title

I'm blaming it on "mommy brain," but my mind has been mush lately. Oh well...hopefully it will get better.

I've totally been slacking on the blog thing as of late, but I just haven't had much of a chance to get online. Ironic as you would think a "stay-at-home-mom" would be able to do that...but then again, those of you with children probably understand the lack of time to do something like get on the computer and write for more than 3 minutes.

Addie is getting so animated. In fact, she was so worked up hyper on Wednesday, that she had major trouble sleeping Wednesday night. Hard to handle when you're used to the girl sleeping through the night (I know, our next kid--Lord-willing--will probably be an entirely different story). Anyhow, that night was bad. Usually, if she wakes up crying, you go put the paci in her mouth and leave and you don't hear from her for a long while. Wednesday night was different. She was up for over an hour at a time...twice. She wouldn't lay down, she was really fitful--kicking her legs and whining and just appearing to be quite miserable. I sort of have a rule to not pick her up when she cries in her crib at night...don't want her to get used to us holding her every night to get her back to sleep. Thus far, that concept has worked. Except for that night...nothing I could do would put her back to sleep, short of me holding her, walking around with her, and bouncing her in my arms for seriously over an hour...twice. The second time she actually let me sit on the couch while she nodded back off, but that was after almost an hour of trying other methods of consoling. I know several of you are thinking I'm an idiot or thinking of something you would do differently in the situation, but no worries here. It's not a recurring problem, so I guess a once-in-a-while deal isn't so bad. I finally got her put back down the last time around 6 a.m., only to hear Brad's alarm go off about two minutes later. Thankfully after that time, little one slept until a little after 8:30, and so did mommy! :)

Though I was quite perturbed, and nearly in tears myself after being up with her for so long that night, I did say a little prayer of thanks to the Lord, for at least I have a baby to hold!!!

Anyway...Addie is starting to laugh more and "talk" lots. She cracks us up. She just sits and talks and her face just lights up. It is super-cute! She also has been to "childwatch" at the YMCA for first time this week. It took me a while to get up the nerve to leave her with "strangers," but she's done great with it, and the ladies in the infant room are really nice and caring. It's a nice time...I get some exercise and someone else looks after the baby.

Remember to thank God for the little things we so often overlook!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

good day for a warm bath

First, let me say, this is our beautiful daughter in her Sunday best with one of my bestest friends, who came to church with us last weekend. I really wanted to get some use out of these adorable dresses that a bunch of people have given us, so with the addition of tights and a white sweater, a summer dress is given new life. I introduced Addie to snow. Through the window, of course...we were not thrilled about venturing out in this cold weather...I'm so not ready for it yet. But, I suppose, we shall have to do what we have to do. :) It was not fun to look out and see snow coming down in October. Thankfully, it's not accumulating yet. Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a good snow--at Christmas time (or when I want a day off school). But right now, snow means cold weather and cold weather means not only bundling myself up, but now I have a little one to consider. Oh well...

Addie decided it was a good day for a warm bath as she had another minor explosion in her pants. I picked her fussy buns up and decided I'd check her diaper. Good thing I checked then, because it was at that point all over her leg...and pants...and naturally as I tried to undress her, it was getting all over everything else as well. I was bummed because I loved the outfit she had is so cute...and warm! :) So, I got her cleaned up, put a diaper on, and laid her on a blanket on the floor while I threw the clothes in the washer and got her bath tub ready to go. She LOVED laying on the floor all nakey...good thing! All I have to say is, I love Shout!! (and Dreft) The clothes came out spotless, so the outfit was spared, and I must say, she smells great, too, after a good washing. I'm still waiting for her to really enjoy bath time. Right now she just sort of tolerates it.

Hope you all were able to enjoy the last few nice days at the beginning of the week. I know we did! :)