Friday, June 22, 2007

a ONEderful year

Yep--our little cheeser is one year old! And she's letting the world know she's a big girl now! :)
So the picture above is about as messy as it got. I don't think Addie's a big fan of chocolate cake or something. She like the icing okay, but didn't care for the cake when Brad finally smashed her hand into it. She was being very ladylike. Pretty cute. However, she did like eating her Uncle BJ's ice cream after she decided she'd had enough cake.

Speaking of Uncle BJ...I just have to say I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!! (btw...he gave me official permission to say that on my blog!) My brother and his wife are due at the end of December!! I am so excited!!! I guess technically I am an aunt of three already, but this one will be the first on my side of the family. Yippee!!! It will be so fun having our children so close is we just have to work on the distance thing. :)

Everything is going really well. "Doyer" is moving a lot...s/he is a kickboxer already. (p.s. "doyer" is the name we say referring to our unborn's just a funny joke for when I say doyer, it's babyR#2) :) We had an ultrasound last week and the tech lady moved down just long enough to show us "yep, two legs" and right back up to the "safe zone" so we wouldn't find out what we are having. But while on the screen, we saw doyer moving all over the place and actually reaching with his/her mouth and finally finding his/her thumb to suck. Sooooo cute.

Addie is growing so fast. She's incredibly close to walking, but is being stubborn about letting go. She loves the outdoors and gets bored inside. She's been "swimming" a few times in both our association kiddie pool and her baby pool at grandma and grandpa's house. The kiddie pool in our association is so convenient, so I took her one day while Brad was golfing (imagine that). Anyhow...that's where I discovered that our little girl can climb. We don't have stairs so I never thought about it, but when at the pool, she turned around, climbed right up the step of the kiddie pool and on out to the open. Which meant she was then headed straight for the big pool. When meant one unhappy little girl when I had to scoop her up to change direction because I would've freaked out if she got to close to the big pool.

So much has been going on lately and I tried to just hit some of the highlights since it's been a while since posting. We'll try to post more throughout the summer (you'd think it would be easier with Brad home, but it's actually harder...hmmm....).

Enjoy the sunshine...we've had a plethora of it this summer!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy June!

I cannot believe it's June already! That means our precious little girl will be ONE soon. Yikes! I definitely now know why everyone says, "it goes by so fast!"

I know you all like to see pictures, but I haven't downloaded the latest yet, so you'll just have to listen to my stories and hope that I post a new picture soon. :)

Addison is very close to walking. She loves to move (which I've known since her days in the womb) and will often come over, grab our fingers and take off. And then whines when there's nowhere else to explore.

One of her favorite places to hang out is under the dining room table. Brad doesn't like it because she's tall enough now that she "bonks" (one of her favorite things to do) her head on the table. But she'll play under and around the table and chairs for several minutes and be perfectly happy. When I was younger, my brother and I had an indoor "fort" that we played in a lot. It was like a big table cloth that was made to fit over the card table and went all the way to the ground. I think Addie would like that. (mom, is that around?!) :) Oh, and the "bonk" is all thanks to her grandpa, who decided to teach her how to "bonk." So if you say the word "bonk," she will lean forward and bonk foreheads with you.

And one of Addie's newest things she loves is closing doors. Energy efficient I suppose. However, it took me twenty minutes to put groceries away because she kept shutting the refrigerator and pantry doors. I went out with same gals last night and Brad said while I was gone he sent Addie on a wild goose chase. He would open doors around the kitchen and she'd crawl over and close each one. I wonder what else they do while I'm gone?! :)

I hope everyone enjoys the summer. Thanks for all the well wishes for the next baby coming.