Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I took breakfast for granted.

Last Wednesday morning, I cried as Brad pulled out of the driveway with our kids, on the way to their first full day of daycare and I prepared to head up to my school for my first official teacher work day in two years. I went back to the same school with most of the same people, so that in itself wasn't all that bad. Leaving my children behind for the entire day, and knowing that it would be every weekday, wasn't so fun. What I realized last week as I restarted my teaching career is that I miss breakfast the most. That's what made me cry the most. How it used to be: Ethan would get up and I would feed him. Addie would either get up right after or a long time after, depending on the day. So I would either eat while Ethan finished his bottle, or I would eat with Addie when she got up. Regardless, it was such a pleasant time, so peaceful, kids happy after getting a good night's sleep, more than happy to eat their breakfast. Sometimes conversation (of sorts), sometimes just sitting and being with each other. I know I'll still have those moments on weekends and breaks, but still...I took breakfast for granted.

On to the babysitter news...the kids love it!! Addie always wants to stay when I go to pick them up (which is sort of good and sad all in one if you know what I mean). Beth is our sitter and their are only 5 kids there - 2 of her own, our 2, and 1 other boy. All 3.5 and under (Ethan is the youngest by a year). Beth is so caring and creative. We get little report cards each day which is so nice to know what our kids did that day and what they ate, etc. We feel so blessed to have found her. And all of us go to the same church, which is nice.

The downfall: After 3 full days, the kids get sick. It starts Friday with a low-grade fever for Ethan that eventually gets high enough by Saturday night that we're making a trip to Redi-Med. Ethan has a double-ear infection. By Sunday midday, Addie is getting a fever and acting dumpy. Trip #2 to RM. Thankfully, hers was just viral and ear infections are not contagious. So, one big fat whiney weekend we had here. All day Sunday the kids just want to be held. And they're crying. Lots. Now, what to do about Monday. It's my 3rd day of school and Brad's 1st. Thanks to my mom, who came to stay with the kids Monday a.m., so I could teach all morning and get stuff ready for the sub for my afternoon classes. It all worked out. Everyone's feeling better today and Beth didn't have to call us. And so far, kids are sleeping. Here's to making it through the night.... :)

School is going well for both Brad and me. After 4 days with students, I finally feel like I'm getting back in the swing of things. Although I cannot believe I don't have all my students' names learned yet. I always sort of prided myself in learning names fast. 2 kids + 2 years off school has turned part of my brain to mommy mush. :) Brad is really enjoying his job. He works with some great Christian people, which is a huge blessing. He's only had 2 days with kids, but so far so good.

I want to make sure I say a huge thank you to all of our prayer warriors!!! This transition period has been amazing, thanks be to God!

I need to go to bed now. If you're still reading, thanks for sticking with this way too long post. I guess I'm decompressing. :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

bunches of thoughts

Ethan is 10 months old. Woah!! And, he started pulling himself up this week. We're in trouble now. Earlier today I was folding laundry while the kids played. I hear Ethan cry a frustrated cry (I could tell it wasn't a cry of pain), so I go to the kitchen to find him standing at the chair Addie had climbed into and he was so upset because he didn't know where to go from there (not to mention he was tired, which made it that much more frustrating).

Addie is going to be the child who never stops talking. I mean, I am super thankful that she does talk and that at 2 years old you can have a conversation with her and that's all well and good. But I tell ya, the girl talks just to hear her own voice, I'm pretty sure. (ok, ok, so that might be hereditary...but I won't mention what gene pool it comes from) The other day, I kid you not, she did not stop talking from the time she got up to the time we got to my cousin's house (and then she only stopped long enough to get adjusted to the situation and other people there). In the car she said, "I have an idea." me: "what's your idea?" A: "I have an idea." me:"wow! what is it?!" A: "I have an idea." Me:"okay, cool." A: "I ask you a question?" me: "okay, what's your question." A: "I have an idea." no way, really?! :)
Fun with cousins:
It is really exciting to think about what great things God will do with my children's lives. As they each grow and develop their personalities more and more, I wonder what ways God will work through their lives. I pray that we are good examples of God working in our lives and that we always encourage them to let Him work.

Tonight is a girl's night out with 4 of my fabulous friends from college. We are actually meeting in our college town and then deciding which of our old eateries sounds best. I'm excited to spend time with them as it does not happen nearly enough!
This weekend is Grandma's auction. Apparently her will was to auction off all of her stuff, maybe to eliminate troubles trying to divide everything up between 8 kids and their families. I want to ask for prayer that everything goes smoothly. I'm a little concerned that there will be hard feelings somewhere along the line, and I hate to think that a bunch of stuff could get in the way of family. I know it could be neat to have something that has real history and tradition to it. But, again, it's just stuff. No offense to any of my family members, please. But I hope we all remember that God and family come first way before any material possessions.

School starts next week for me. I am definitely excited. Our new babysitter is going to laugh at my detailed information sheets she had us fill out. But at least she'll know what we normally do. I know, it's going to be more of an adjustment for me than for the kids, but it'll be fine. I've got lots of support in my teacher friends, who will get me through the day. I've been to my school a few times and took the kids with me once to go pick up my keys. Every time I'm there, it feels right. And every time I talk to our sitter, I am reassured that she is the one to watch our children every day. Btw...thanks to all who have been praying for us and our transitions.

Brad is enjoying his new job. He's with the same corporation, so he knows a lot of the people. He just moved from the middle school level to the high school level. He's been made to feel welcome and he's excited about working there. Though he's a bit frustrated in feeling like he has to ask a million questions because he's the "new guy." But, we all know that if you don't ask, you won't know. Although sometimes ignorance is bliss, eh?! :)

I don't know how often I'll get to blog until I get adjusted to going back to full-time work outside the home (and blogging at school is pretty much not an option). But keep checking back because I do not plan on completely stopping.

One last thing...prayers for Brad's stepdad. His health is currently not very good and I know he and Brad's mom would really appreciate all the prayer they can get. Thanks.

I was actually looking for a different verse to put here, but found this instead and thought it was a good one to share:
"Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way." ~Romans 14:13