Saturday, June 11, 2011

There is a reason

It's over. Another year of teaching. What a long, trying year. This year full of both personal and professional trials. There were even recent times where I felt totally defeated.

And then came the last day of school. Started off by 3 girls who made a gift basket for me complete with cookies, a necklace, and Bath and Body Works goodies, along with a note that read "thanks for being a great teacher! We love you!" The rest of the day was tiring, but satisfying. Students who you think couldn't care less offering up a sincere thanks for teaching them well. I have to say, after 180 days of complete exhaustion, career questioning, tears, sighs.....I am reminded:

There is a reason I do what I do.

A reminder that following God's will and doing HIS work really does make a difference.

So, dear God, I pray I don't let you down!

Be blessed.


Jess said...

You are totally serving God through parenting, teaching, and loving!!! Love you!!!

Dina said...

Oh, the roller coaster ride of being a teacher. You are phenomenal at what you do. Those kids can't leave your classroom without having first-hand experience of Jesus' love. HUGS!